Remembering Our Saints

We give thanks for the lives and faithful witness of all those who have gone before us, both those who died this year and those who passed on much longer ago. May they rest in our Creator’s peace until we meet again in the kingdom. †

Bob Svoboda

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and member of St. John’s Lutheran.

Elroy Hefner

Pastor Day’s great-uncle, who died earlier in 2020.

Elaine Wolta

Beloved mother, grandmother, and member of St. John’s Lutheran.

Bruce Berggren

Former pastor of St. John’s Lutheran, interred in Schuyler cemetery.

Lorene Connerley

Grandmother of Crystal Connerley Callahan.

Cheryl Pero

One of Pastor Day’s professors from seminary and a strong Black leader in the ELCA who died earlier in 2020.

Karrie Healy

Beloved teacher, friend, and member of Schuyler community.

Bill Swanda

Father of Linda Konz.

Larry Wallingford

Husband of D. Wallingford, grandfather of Rachel Egger.

Lynn Egger

Daughter of D. Wallingford, Rachel Egger’s mother.

Ramond and Mabel Busskohl

Sharon Schurman parents.

Bob Schurman

Husband of Sharon Schurman.

Martha Wendhausen, Becky Hefner, Orpha Lively

Pastor Day’s great-grandma, Martha (died 1995), mom (died 1994), and grandma, Orpha (died 1990).

Kristin Milander

Friend of Pastor Day.

George V. Hefner

Pastor Day’s grandpa.

Leandro Antonio Inoa de Jesús

Friend of Pastor Day.

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