Announcements and Prayer List


Silent Auction: Congratulations to our winners — Mary Krula and Sharan Stoltenberg and Dave Reinecke — and thank you to everyone who participated for your support of our ministry!

Training Disciples continues this week! Join us online at 7pm for the next 4 Wednesdays as we dig into the gifts of discipleship.

The Evangelism and Social Ministry team is challenging the congregation of St. John’s and our friends to kindle “sparks of kindness” during the season of Lent!  We’ve all had to give up so many things this year; for Lent, let’s add something instead: acts that put some kindness into the world.  Choose an idea from the following list, or come up with your own!  See if you can challenge yourself to do one (or more!) a week, and then share stories or pics of your “sparks of kindness” with us on Facebook!

Write someone an encouraging note
Call or text someone who could use some cheering up or some company
Ask someone how you can pray for them – and then pray for them
Bring someone a meal or a plate of cookies
Pay for someone’s meal in the drive-thru
Offer to pick up someone’s groceries
Send someone flowers or candy
Make a gift basket for someone with things like cozy socks and lotion or hot chocolate
Take coloring books to the hospital
Volunteer at the food pantry or make a donation

Those who own Thrivent products may have earned Choice Dollars throughout 2020. You can designate where you wish those dollars to go—St. John’s is one of those choices as well as 35,000 organizations that participate in Choice Dollars. The moneys your products earned in 2020 can be directed until March 1, 2021. 
The Choice Dollars can be directed by—
1) Phone call:  1-800-847-4836 or
2) Online:  at; select “My Thrivent” and then select “Direct Choice Dollars”; proceed to direct your dollars.
Contact Sharon Schurman at 402-615-3658 if you have questions.

In Our Prayers

Members:  Dillon Swanson, D. Wallingford, LaVerne Schmale, Pauline Huber), Marlene Zima, Addie Thompson, Esperance Sudi, Janet Meyer, and Haylie Swanson.

Friends:  Chris Wisnieski, Tyler Brichacek, Mackenzie Kluck, Sharon Zimmerman (Lori Benesch’s mother), Larry Meister (Diane Fendrick’s father), Glee Kracl, Jim Herde, Donna Folken, Lezli Zimmerman (Lori B. sister-in-law), Connie Muhle (Rick Fendrick sister), Anna Stuehmer, LaVern Herzinger (Cindy Plummer’s mother), Rosemary Plummer ( Randy Plummer’s mom), family & friends of Jane Urban, Shirley Krejci, family of Bob Schlemmer, family of Lolly Kroeger, Jason Ratzlaff, Elanna Renea, and family & friends of Tom Bogner.

If you wish a card be sent from St. John’s congregation to these persons, give Gail Fickle their name and address personally or leave it in her mailbox at church.

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