Announcements and Prayer List


Pastor Day will be gone for a conference Oct 18-20.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month! We would ask that you take a few minutes to thank Pastor Day for her dedication to our church family and the community. A shower of card or some other gift of appreciation would mean so much to her. Thank you for your kindness.

Holiday Fair:  December 5, 2021
Please mark your calendars, tell all your friends and get in your cars and head to St. Johns on Sunday, December 5th, for some delicious chili and chicken noodle soup.   Due to COVID-19, we may make a few changes in how we conduct the holiday fair again this year.
Chili and chicken noodle soup meals will be served in the fellowship hall plus carry-out and home delivery will be available!!!
We will need your donations of ingredients for the soups and the yummy desserts that will be served.  We will also need donations of quart jars(wide mouth preferred) w/ the lids and rings.
**A letter with a donation slip will be mailed soon!

Calling all worship assistants: A sign-up sheet for lectors and ushers for the remainder of the year is available in the narthex; please sign up to help with worship! We still need volunteers for November and December.

In Our Prayers

Members: Dillon Swanson, D. Wallingford, Pauline Huber, Esperance Sudi, Janet Meyer, Rick Fendrick, Karen Henry.

Friends:  Mackenzie Kluck, Sharon Zimmerman (Lori Benesch’s mother), Jim Herde, Connie Muhle (Rick Fendrick sister), Anna Stuehmer, Rosemary Plummer ( Randy Plummer’s mom), Jason Ratzlaff, Shannon Wallingford (Mrs. Scott Wallingford), Alayna Bohaty, Family and Friends of Micheal W. Kaacsh, Family and Friends of Veronica Vasquez and the Ramirez Family, Jane Bleil, Scott Nelson (Steve Nelson’s brother), Catherine Drueppel, Jeremy Schumacher, Kathryn Novacek, Landon Johnson.

If you wish a card be sent from St. John’s congregation to these persons, give Gail Fickle their name and address personally or leave it in her mailbox at church.

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