Food Pantry Sign-up

It’s St. John’s Lutheran’s turn once again to help staff the Colfax County Food Pantry for the month of September. We need volunteers to help pack boxes on Monday afternoons from about 1-4pm and volunteers on Wednesdays to help distribute boxes drive-thru style from about 4/4:30-7:30pm. Please fill out the form below to indicate which shifts you’d like to work (don’t forget to hit “Submit” when you finish).

Please note that the pantry will not be open the second week of September (since people will be able to visit the Mobile Food Bank), so we only have 4 distribution shifts and 3 packing shifts to fill.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Pastor Day! She will also be there helping out on many of these shifts.

Shifts signed up for so far

DateNo. of people signed upFull/partial shift covered
Wed, Sept 22full, full
Mon, Sept 141full
Wed, Sept 162full, full
Mon, Sept 211full
Wed, Sept 232full, full
Mon, Sept 281full
Wed, Sept 302full, full

Sign-up Form