Christian Education

Training Disciples

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in the 21st century? How does faith help us navigate the everyday challenges we face? How might God be calling me to act in my everyday life? These are the kinds of questions we are trying to wrestle with as we seek to become better disciples every day.

That’s why we have come to call St. John’s Christian education program “Training Disciples.” We believe that Christian education should help believers connect their faith with their daily lives in practical and meaningful ways. In Training Disciples, people of all ages are welcome to come to nourish body and soul and learn with us about how to walk the path of discipleship in our everyday lives. Whether you are new to this community or have been here forever, we invite you to come take your place at the table and embark on this journey with us.

We gather on the Wednesdays listed below at 6pm for a meal, followed by bible study, faith practices, and prayer. Please join us!

Series for 2021-2022 program year

2021 Fall Series 1: Food, Fellowship, and God’s Abundant Blessing

  • September 22, 6pm — Kickoff for the year!
  • September 29, 6pm — Feeding of the 5,000
  • October 6, 6pm — Breakfast on the Beach

2021 Fall Series 2: Rooted in Relationship

  • October 27, 6pm — Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity
  • November 3, 6pm — One Body, Many Parts

2021 Advent Series: Holden Evening Prayer

  • December 1, 6pm (video)
  • December 8, 6pm (video)
  • December 15, 6pm (canceled due to inclement weather)
  • December 22, 6pm (video)

2022 Winter Series: Telling the Story

  • January 26, 6pm — John 9, the man born blind tells his story
  • February 2, 6pm — We tell our stories

2022 Lenten Series: Let Us Pray (in person and online, God willing!)
At 6pm we will gather for a meal, so look for the live stream to start around 6:15 or 6:20.

2022 Spring Series: Stewards of Creation
This series won’t be live-streamed, but it is designed around a faith practice that is meant to be used in the home. Come join us in person, or give this a try at home with your family or friends and neighbors!

Stay tuned as this information is updated!

Previously, on Training Disciples…

2021 Lenten Series: Gifts of Discipleship (online only)
What does being a disciple have to do with our baptism? In the Lutheran tradition, absolutely everything! If you tuned in last year for our Lenten series about the promises we make in our baptism, the themes in this series will sound pretty familiar. These are five main aspects of being a disciple, following the way of Christ, and each week we’ll be hearing from voices around the synod about what these things mean and how they might look in our lives. Please join us!

2020 Advent Series: Prayer as a Body (online only)
This series will move through some faith and spiritual practices designed to help us find the peace of Christ even in the midst of chaos. We’ll be focusing on the incarnation by praying and experiencing God in our own bodies.

2020 Fall Series: Stewardship, Gratitude, and Faith (online only)
This series focuses on exploring our relationship to God and our relationship to our neighbors through the lens of our relationship to stuff. What does it mean to be “stewards” of God’s creation? How is God calling us to use the time, money, and stuff that we have been given? What can we learn from scripture about wise, faithful stewardship? Those are some of the main questions we will be trying to dig into together! (Click below to watch each video)

2020 Lenten Series: The Five Promises of Baptism
This five week series was designed for anyone curious about community life and belonging in the Lutheran church. Meant for people of all ages and all levels of involvement (or no involvement) in the church.
This series began as a gathering for food and fellowship, followed by bible study and prayer, but because of Covid, the last three session ended up being broadcast over Facebook Live and are still available to watch below!