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Sparks of Kindness

The Evangelism and Social Ministry team is challenging the congregation of St. John’s and our friends to kindle “sparks of kindness” during the season of Lent!  We’ve all had to give up so many things this year; for Lent, let’s add something instead: acts that put some kindness into the world.  Choose an idea from the following list, or come up with your own!  See if you can challenge yourself to do one (or more!) a week, and then share stories or pics of your “sparks of kindness” with us on Facebook!

  • Write someone an encouraging note
  • Call or text someone who could use some cheering up or some company
  • Ask someone how you can pray for them – and then pray for them
  • Bring someone a meal or a plate of cookies
  • Pay for someone’s meal in the drive-thru
  • Offer to pick up someone’s groceries
  • Send someone flowers or candy
  • Make a gift basket for someone with things like cozy socks and lotion or hot chocolate
  • Take coloring books to the hospital
  • Volunteer at the food pantry or make a donation

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