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Welcome to St. John’s Lutheran Church of Schuyler, NE!  We are a community of ordinary folks trying to follow the way of Christ in our daily lives.  Our ministry is in the middle of an exciting period of change and transformation and renewal, open to the movement of the Spirit in our midst.  Please come with us on the journey as our future unfolds.

We worship together online every Sunday at 9:30am. You’ll find links to the live-stream and other resources on our Virtual Church page. If you are on Facebook, we also encourage you to connect with our group there and like our page.

Covid-19 Response: After prayerful — and careful — consideration, the St. John’s church council has decided to resume in-person worship, starting on Sunday, June 6.

We are mindful of the updated guidelines the CDC has released as of May 13, but knowing that many of our members have either not had the chance to be vaccinated yet or have chosen not to be, we will continue to require masks and distancing for the time being, and will also refrain from assembly singing and coffee fellowship. We will also continue to livestream worship on Facebook Live for all those who prefer to worship with us digitally (or who are joining us from afar!) — please see details below.

We fervently hope to be able to lift these restrictions soon and anticipate that this will continue to be an ongoing conversation in our coming meetings. Your cooperation in keeping our gatherings safe, loving, and joyful is appreciated. And we look forward to seeing your faces again (or, at least, the top part of your faces!) ❤️😷

Pastor Day is available over email, text, phone, zoom/google/facetime, and facebook for pastoral care and technical assistance. We ask that everyone be safe; get vaccinated if you can, wash your hands, wear a mask, and practice good social distancing. Let’s all take care of each other and finish this pandemic strong together.

If you are seeking after the God of life, if you are looking for somewhere to belong, there is a place for you here.  You are welcome here.

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St. John’s is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).